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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is concrete leveling? 

A. Concrete leveling involves the raising and leveling of a concrete slab (often referred to as “Mudjacking”) by injecting a cementitious grout beneath the slab, essentially “floating” it back into position.

Q. What are the typical applications of concrete leveling?

A. Concrete leveling through grout injection can be successfully applied to most concrete slabs that are in relatively good condition, but have settled or become uneven with surrounding slabs or other objects.  The possibilities include:

 Driveways
 Sidewalks
 Pool decks
 Interior floors
 Patio/Porch
 Streets/Roads/Bridges

Q. Why should I choose concrete leveling over concrete replacement?

A. There are many advantages of concrete raising & leveling over concrete replacement, including:

1. Its fast! 
      Most projects can be completed in a matter of hours as opposed to the days or weeks it may take with concrete replacement.
2. It is convenient!
      We can schedule and arrange your project in a manner to reduce/prevent interference with your normal activity.
      In most applications, the affected area may be used within a couple of hours if not immediately.
3. It is environmentally friendly!
      Our process produces much less debris and waste, and requires fewer resources than concrete replacement. 
4. It’s economical
      Concrete raising & leveling is very economical often costing only 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement.

Q. Do you charge for the inspection?

A. There is no cost or obligation as a result of our inspection. 

Q. How do I schedule an inspection?

A.  You can call our office direct at 1-877-724-7387 and have a CRC associate contact you to schedule an appointment.



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